Sunday, August 24, 2014

Free App Alert! Save $90 FOUR video modeling apps! Great for Special Needs and language development, Limited Time!

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.28.41 PMWhen I saw this app had gone free, the first thing I did was download it. It seemed way too good to be a real deal. But it is really true--this app is totally FREE with no in-app purchases, great content, and NO ads!
This app is great for kids who benefit from a visual model. It's filled with video for simple sentences, using carrier phrases (sentence stems) such as, "I see," and "I like." I know I'll be trying it out in speech therapy this week! Download soon, while it's still free!

***Sentence Builder 2 is now FREE too!! Save $50 on both apps!***

*EVEN MORE APPS FREE! Added ABCs and Preposition apps!***

We don't know how long these apps will be free, so download NOW and check them out! Please support Smart Apps For Kids and use our download buttons (iPad/iPhone, FREE for a limited time, each with a regular price $24.99):
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Sentence Builder 1 
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Sentence Builder 2

Now also FREE!

BumbleBee ABCs™ - Phonics, Flashcards & Video (regularly $19.99) and Prepositions - Flashcards & Video Modeling (regularly $24.99)
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BumbleBee ABCs
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Bee Bee3
There are even free flashcards online! The app was designed to use with early language learners, but I see so much use for those with language impairments. Either way, it's totally FREE, so download it now then figure out how you can use this great app!
From iTunes:
Bee2The Sentence Builder DVD series was designed to help early language learners make the transition from the use of single words or short phrases to full sentences. This App integrates the full video with interactive flashcards and activities to quickly build language skills. Each Sentence Builder App features a number of sentence stems which are taught in conjunction with a variety of objects. For instance the sentence stem "I Like" is paired with lions, apples, soccer, running, ducks, laughing and other objects or activities to create a variety of sentences all based on the sentence stem "I Like". As always, the video features lots of kids and action to entertain as well as educate!


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