Monday, September 1, 2014

Blog share: Creating a Medical and/or Educational Binder for your Special Needs Child

The mama behind the blog Greatly Blessed is an online friend of mine, and as I was catching up on her blog over the past few months, I realized I'd missed a really good post. In this post, Shecki shares how she created a binder to keep track of all medical information, Early Intervention/now-IEP information, and more for her son. This is a great idea, and really a necessity for staying organized.
Check out what Shecki is doing, and share with us if you have another method that works!

From Greatly Blessed:

As Luke prepares to "graduate" from Early Intervention, I'd like to share with you something that EI taught me.  In the flurry of paperwork and assessments, one of the EI crew handed me a binder.  This has literally become indispensable to us. 

When we received the binder, it contained a Business Card Page, a set of dividers, and a bunch of information.  As the dust settled a little bit, I went through the info.  Much of it is available online, so I took those pages out.  The Welcome To Holland poem, I rolled my eyes at, crumpled up and threw away.  This is not Holland.  There are no tulips or cute wooden clogs here. 

But the concept of the binder made sense to me, and I eventually tailored it to our needs.  Here's how we've made it work. 

First, it's a View Binder, so I printed a page for the front cover.  Really original, right?  The back cover, I often slip a list of reminders for the next doctor's appointment.

Inside are the front and back pockets, used to bring handouts home, hold the MIND Institute parking pass, carry forms to appointments, and keep papers that haven't been hole-punched and put away yet. 
The business card page has been very helpful.  I can figure out at a glance who we saw at a given location, or what the name of our wheelchair guy is.  Handy to have those phone numbers at my fingertips, too. 

Read the full post here:

~Heather H

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