Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FREE Reading comprehension and fluency app! Save $10 for a limited time!

FluencyReading comprehension and fluency is a huge part of learning to read. From early readers through late elementary school, teachers cannot stress enough the importance of these skills. Today, parents are in luck! The app Is Your Child on Track? Reading Together to Support Comprehension and Fluency, normally $9.99 is set to FREE! This app allows parents to discover their child's reading stage and then offers video models, practice activities and suggestions to help a child develop their skills. We do not know how long this discount will last, so download now!

If you would like to download Is Your Child on Track? Reading Together to Support Comprehension and Fluency (FREE normally $9.99, iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:
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App-Warning-noADS-noIAP-ELLinks to Amazon to purchase suggested books opens within the app.
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Fluency1From iTunes:

This app will help parents of children ages 3-11 determine what developmental reading stages their children are in and learn how to support their growth and encourage their love of reading. The app provides videotaped conversations to use as models and also book lists and prompts that parents can use to help any child progress.


Rachel H is exhausted after today. No other words, just exhausted.

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