Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Completely FREE app for science and vocabulary!

Classify It! is a brand-new app, and I'm hoping that the current price of FREE is not an introductory price. This app is amazing! Developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, it's educational for science, but it's also extremely useful to me for speech-language therapy, and good for students working on vocabulary and categorization skills.

It's kind of hard to believe that an app designed this well is actually free. I'm pretty sure I'd be willing to pay at least $5 for an app of this quality. The goal of this app is to learn increasingly specific categorizations for animals. Level 1 of the Easy level requires the user to choose which of the pictured cards are animals; Level 1 of Hard requires sorting by "organisms that build nests."

Each category includes an explanation of the category as a hint or interesting related information and sixteen different hexagon picture cards. The user simply taps the cards that go in that category before tapping the "Classify!" button at the bottom. The reward system is fun, too--collect creature cards featuring a different animal. Each card has extensive  information about that animal and its behavior.&nbspI love how easily Classify It! gets kids thinking about vocabulary in a new way. It's also perfect for me to use with the Expanding Expression Tool to teach the concept of categorization.

To add this app to your own device (app classification system not included), please support Smart Apps For Special Needs and use our download button (iPad/iPhone, completely FREE):


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Think you know what poison ivy and a firefly have in common? How about some of the ways a dolphin and a goldfish are different? Download Classify It!, a new game from AAAS Science NetLinks, to test your knowledge of how various organisms can be sorted and grouped.

Play through the game’s 30 levels to earn special Creature Cards, and then pick up nine more in the fast-paced bonus rounds! Can you collect all 39 cards for a complete set? Pick your avatar and start sorting!


- Multi-user system: each child can choose and name his/her own avatar from one of twelve organisms
- Educational information about classification
- Earn Creature Cards to learn more about organisms
- Three progressively difficult modes teach classification

This app was developed by AAAS Science NetLinks, a free online resource for teachers and students. For more science activities and interactives, visit

Heather H's favorite animal is the sea turtle.

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