Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Save $6 and learn about Physical Science!

Seven Incredible Concepts in Physical Science is completely FREE for a limited time! This app is normally $5.99, and features a great reference guide for students learning physical science. There's a pre-course evaluation, seven different lessons, a glossary and a post-course test. The lessons are even available in three formats: detailed, standard or brief. This is a must-download app for teachers and special educators, and for any parent of a child who loves science!

To find out What's the Matter? (chapter one), please support Smart Apps For Special Needs and use our download button (iPad only, FREE for a limited time, regular price $5.99):


External link to the You Can Learn website.

We love science in my house, and I was happy to see this app gone free. It's a good reference guide to supplement the school curriculum, even if just for the glossary presented in an easy-to-access way. I like the test options, too, to allow parents to work with kids at home to see where they still need more support.

The content is also available in an ebook-style presentation. This flexibility can help students who need a different view to be able to learn the material. Some students may just like the convenience of reading more about a topic on the iPad.

Whatever the reason, download this app NOW, while it's free!

From iTunes:

Physical science, which is the study of the nature of nonliving matter and energy, has unfortunately earned a reputation as a dry, boring and very dull subject. On the contrary, it is a fascinating, remarkable and very exciting area of study!

Every single one of the seven billion people living on planet Earth is affected by physical science everyday! How? It explains why the Moon stays in orbit around the Earth. It gives you insight into why the water in your swimming pool is a liquid and your cheeseburger is a solid. It even helps you figure out why some things explode and others don't seem to react at all.

Gaining an understanding of the concepts in physical science is like putting on a pair of magical glasses that allow you to view the world in a whole new light! This course will teach you some of the basics in physical science such as matter, atoms, elements, chemical reactions, Newton's Laws of Motion, gravity, and electricity.

Get ready to experience a whole new world - the world of Physical Science!

Heather H. somehow didn't get anything done on time today, even with very little she had to do.

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