Friday, September 12, 2014

Have some non-electronic fun this weekend!

My kids don't get any iPad game time during the week, spending most of their total electronics time on Saturdays. But it's still important to spend time on the weekend doing non-electronic activities, or they aren't pleasant to be around when they are finally done.

This weekend, we have soccer games, a flag football game and First Lego League practice. Aside from that, we may try to enjoy the fall weather with a family bike ride or walk to the park.

What's on your schedule this weekend for non-electronic fun? Check out this article and some ideas for great free activities without TV from Money Saving Mom! I'm especially fond of a good trip to the library with the family. The kids pick out their books and then spend an hour reading at a back table, while I pick out my own books before joining them reading.

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