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Just a few hours left for Free App Friday with Toca Boca, Rainbow Looms and Dinosaurs! Save $47 on 16 apps!

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Today we have a Toca Boca app, rainbow looms, tectonic plates, mazes, a memory game, storybooks, car racing, and a T-Rex to help with math. 16 apps, $47 in savings.

Don't wait to download them, though! These deals won't last for long: most of these apps will return to full price at 10 p.m. CDT on September 26.

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Toca Robot Lab
iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to FREE
Make your dream robot by mixing odd pieces found around the huse, scrap metal and junk. What was once a TV can now make a perfect head, and a rusty gear becomes a leg.Choose a body, head, arms and legs and put it together as you prepare to take off!
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Equate Formula Solver - rated 5 Stars by Kelli
iPad/iPhone - $1.99 to FREE
Equate is a formula solver developed by nerds who appreciate the wonderful world of Math, Physics and Chemistry! Conquer formulas with ease using our state of the art formula solvers! Equate is the most extensive formula solver in the App Store with aesthetically pleasing features.
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Colors Memory Match! Color Learning Game for Kids
iPad/iPhone - $3.99 to FREE
Created by parents and teachers, "Colors Memory Match" is the perfect teaching tool for color identification and recognition skills combining exciting card matching game play with professional narration, fun music and positive feedback. It's fun and easy for kids to use.
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Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.41.16 AM
Wee Kids Mazes
iPad/iPhone - $1.99 to FREE
Wee Kids Mazes is simply a super fun and educational game!
It develops intuition and visual skills, observation and space orientation skills through a labyrinth of never before seen and ever more complex elements in this exciting app.
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Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.08.19 PM
Dragon Three Hairs Story
iPad only - $2.99 to FREE
The Kingdom is in danger! A dangerous dragon has appeared in the outskirts and is scaring the country people. Only the knights of the court can defeat him! Well... As long as they manage to overcome their
own fear to encounter such a fearsome dragon.
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Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.20.47 AM
My 1st Steps Preschool Early Learning - Let's Learn About Colors
iPad/iPhone - $0.99 to FREE
Let’s Learn About Colors is a simple yet exciting educational app designed with colorful real life images to help children learn about different colors.  Through a series of fun filled learning activities allow you to guide your children through steps designed to teach them the recognition of colors.
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Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.10.29 PM
Dynamic Plates
iPad/iPhone - $3.99 to FREE
Dynamic Plates is an educational interactive app that lets you observe and understand the internal dynamics of the Earth. In Dynamic Plates, you’ll find 7 wonderful interactive animations. Drag the plates and… see what happens! You will be able to recreate what nature performs over millions of years, observing the forms and phenomena produced by plate tectonics.
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Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.03.20 AM
Rainbow Loom Beginners Guide - Easy Video Tutorials 
iPad/iPhone - $2.99 to FREE
- How to Start with rainbow looms for beginner!
- How to start making simple loom tutorials!
- Best Collection of Video Tutorials: Bracelets, Necklace, Charms, flowers, Love charms and Many more fun stuff.
- Create your favorite cartoon characters!
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Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.13.18 PM
Kiki’s Orderly Adventure by BabyBus 
iPad/iPhone - $1.99 to FREE
Begin a journey with Kiki and friends to set order in a magical world of witches and spells. Guide them through the challenges they face. Maybe you can help them find their way home!
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Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.06.16 AM
Dino Math for Kids - Boost Your Brain Power with T. Rex Dinosaur Math Might
iPad/iPhone - $1.99 to FREE
You have only one second to decide if the answer you see is correct or not and tap the appropriate button. If you give a wrong answer, t. rex dinosaur will appear and roar. Reach high score! Three difficulty modes!
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Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.51.50 AM
Super Calculator 
iPad only - $2.99 to FREE
Super Calculator is for those who have no time to use pen and paper. If you need to save time and get accurate results, then Super Calculator will equate for you. No matter where, when and’s the simplest method to get your queries answered in no time.
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Ed Emberley's Shake & Make 
iPhone/2x iPad - $0.99 to FREE
The whimsical, learn-to-draw illustrations of Ed Emberley come to life with this quirky puzzle game. See the picture, study its layout, then shake your iPhone or iPod touch and the pieces will fall to the floor. Listen to vintage loops as you race against the clock to put the picture back together in under a minute.
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Cat Doorman's Little Red Wagon
iPad only - $0.99 to FREE
Little Red Wagon is both a musical songbook and a delightful adventure game full of opened-ended play. Upon launching the app kids will be prompted to choose which musical version of the song they’d like to hear: guitar, piano, or the full band. Once selected, kids can follow the highlighted lyrics and accompanying musical notes that continuously run along the bottom of the screen.
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IXL Read With Speed HD
iPad only - $3.99 to FREE
Speed reading is any of several techniques used to improve one's ability to read quickly. This is helpful when researching and getting an overall idea of the text, under limited time. The IXL Read With Speed provides a variety of simple stories and words that help children progress their reading so that, over time, they can improve reading speed.
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Cutie Monsters Jigsaw Puzzles
iPad/iPhone - $4.99 to FREE
Do you have children learning to count? Join Blushy, Toothy, Golly, Taily, Blobby, Growly and other cute monsters on a fun introduction to the numbers 1 through to 10. Cutie Monsters is a simple app designed specifically for the development needs of toddlers and preschoolers, simple jigsaw puzzles along with an interactive counting book will help children who are learning to count.
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Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 9.56.19 AM
2K DRIVE (in-app purchases)
iPad/iPhone - $6.99 to FREE
Buckle-up and get ready for the most immersive automotive experience to ever hit your iPhone & iPad. 2K Drive provides you with a variety of experiences to test your driving skills – including licensed cars, real locations and dozens of exciting challenges in an authentic world rooted in motoring culture.
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** Please note ** Not all of the apps listed here are the level of quality we would expect for one of our Good Free Apps of the Day and we have not reviewed them or tested them extensively unless noted.  Pricing and dates are correct at the time of publishing.  Some apps may contain in-app purchases and/or advertising. Only the app's developer can control when an app is free.**

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