Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MiniSchool is a quality, fun and educational app with a FREE lite version

Working with my son and talking to others with special needs children, I have realized one important aspect to an educational app is flexibility. Some children struggle with certain subjects while others absorb information like a sponge. Quality apps which allow children to continue to work on basic concepts as long as necessary but also offer room for educational growth are standouts. One such standout app I have recently worked with is MiniSchool by Divine ApS. With six diverse educational activities, this app is great for home or school environments. Test the app out for yourself with the FREE Lite version, or purchase full content for $2.99.

If you would like to download MiniSchool, (iPad/iPhone) please help support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using one of our handy little links below:

Full Version

Free Lite Version

External links to other apps by developer behind parental lock. Free lite version contains an in-app purchase of $2.99 to unlock full content.

MiniSchool received an astounding 4.5 stars from Smart Apps for Kids:

Bottom Line: MiniSchool offers a collection of six educational activities with varying levels of difficulty to help teach and reinforce several academic skills. Whimsical ocean-themed scenes and characters keep children entertained while working for a ribbon of success. Though many of the activities benefit younger children, the varying difficulty levels allow this app to grow with the child through multiple years.

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From iTunes:
MiniSchool is a quality learning game with English voice over that combines learning with play. The game is for 4-7 year olds and is packed with entertaining and educational assignments - all developed in cooperation with parents, pedagogues and children. 

MiniSchool is a great supplement for school education and works well as a tool to give children a good introduction to school.


● Learn Math - plus and minus
Go fishing with Peter the Pelican and count how many fish you can catch - and eat!
Includes more than 100 minus and plus assignments

● Learn to Rhyme

Dive into the rhyme pirates’ sunken ship and find the old book full of rhymes
Includes more than 65 words that can be combined in over 100 rhymes

● Play with Words
Captain Walrus has landed his airship and has a suitcase packed full of words
Includes 70 words and illustrations

● Learn the Time

Visit the crazy time-crabs and learn about time
Includes assignments with minutes, quarters, and hours

● Learn to Multiply
Spin Windy’s wings and catch the number bubbles while you learn to multiply
Includes 10 tables and random mode for extra challenges

● Learn the Colors
Put color on cute and fun pictures together with the one-eyed Tentacle beast
Includes 9 beautiful pictures


● English voice over – All characters in the game speak in English
● Developed in cooperation with parents, pedagogues and children
● 3 difficulty levels
● Child friendly interface - Makes the game easy to understand
● Beautiful and full of atmosphere – Excellent feel, sound and music


● Child lock – Your child cannot accidentally make a purchase
● No commercials – There are no third party commercials
● No Internet required – Can be played in the car or in the summerhouse 


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