Friday, September 19, 2014

(Nearly) Free Fine Motor Saturday! Use stickers for fine motor fun!

Dollar Tree really is great for cheap items that you can use in everyday therapy life. Today's feature: Stickers!

I love stickers for all ages! Stickers are easily adapted to the kids skill level.

  • Dollar Tree Stickers
  • Paper
Cost: $1.00 (plus cost of paper if you don't have it on hand)

Skills addressed:
Stickers a great way to address occupational therapy goals! Here are some goals I address with stickers:
  • Pincer grasp (removing the sticker from the backing, placing it on the paper)
  • Frustration tolerance (removing the stickers from the backing, getting them unstuck from fingers)
  • Sensory Integration (Stickers are sticky! Some kids can't stand the stickiness. Some kids are under responsive to tactile stimulation, have kids search for the stickers placed on their hands or arms without using their eyes)
How to adapt:
  • Peel the backing off so the stickers are easily removed (the outline around the stickers).
  • Peel sticker half way off so the child has to finish the task.
  • Place stickers along the a line or make letters with the stickers placed next to each other
  • Matching game (match the stickers)
For just around a $1.00 you can create so many different activities. Sticker packs range from 10-100, so have some fun!


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