Thursday, September 4, 2014

Plastic bottle caps and lids: Use them for great learning games!

When I moved into my current office space at my school (starting my third year now), I inherited a big bag of plastic bottle caps and lids (like milk jug lids). I was so excited, knowing the number of activities I could create with them. Of course, I've still not done anything, so one challenge to myself this year is to use them for therapy ideas. So I've been searching on Pinterest for some fun activities. Who knew the creativity that could result with simple plastic bottle caps? I might even be motivated enough to start saving my own lids!
Check out some of the ideas I'm considering. Of course, I also have to make sure that I don't spend so long deliberating, I don't actually make anything!

This is an inexpensive Teachers Pay Teachers material that seems very easy to create. And I can guarantee my speech-language therapy students will love flipping the caps into a bucket. This is a great idea for vocabulary and articulation!

There are multiple lid game activities on this post from a kindergarten teacher. I love the idea of sound sorting for articulation, and sorting by category for language therapy kids. I also think it would be great to create for an Expanding Expression Tool-based activity. Many SLPs will know what I'm talking about--but use different colored lids to match the bead strand and describe common objects!

This is a great activity even for parents at home. There are ten activities on this website, including sensory, creative play and learning activities.
This type of game is the real reason I was excited about the bottle tops, and is probably where I should start. When I first started speech therapy as an assistant in the late '90s, I had a game called Secret Square. It was a great game for requesting, describing and vocabulary. Unfortunately, I misplaced it somewhere years ago, and the game is no longer made, now only available for a high price (like these collectible versions starting at $50 on Amazon). But the concept is simple to make with bottle caps--following the method of this memory game.

How about you? Have you used bottle caps in a fun way? Share with me and inspire me toward something new!

Heather H just needs three extra hours in each day and she'd make all kinds of creative therapy ideas. Unfortunately those hours can't be found on a milk jug.

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