Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sarah's 10 Favorite YouTube Channels for Educational Songs and More!

Every week I do a language lesson with my early childhood and Pre-K friends. The classroom teacher, Mrs. P, plans awesome themes for each week of the year and I try my best to work the weekly theme into my language lessons. I love to incorporate music and a little bit of movement into the large group portion of my lesson. I have several YouTube channels that I use to find songs and stories that are educational and fun. I can almost always find a video that relates well to our theme. I just click share and email the video link to the teacher and we play the videos on her ActivBoard. The kids love it and Mrs P can reinforce and review past lessons by repeating the videos throughout the year. We can also share the links with parents so the kids can enjoy the songs and stories with their families. Check out my ten favorite YouTube channels below and get ready for some seriously fun singing and dancing!

1.  LittleStoryBug Miss Tracey is practically an honorary member of our staff. My students get so excited when they hear her voice. This channel has wonderful songs, finger plays, rhymes, craft activities and more.

2.  The Learning Station These videos will have your kids moving, learning and signing along. Our favorite so far this year has been The Color Song.

3.  Busy Beavers Features videos to teach basic English vocabulary and concepts. It is designed to use with ELL students, but is also wonderful for children with special needs.

4.  Super Simple Songs  Our videos are intended for teachers and parents of young learners with developing speaking skills, ideal for sharing with Pre-K children and younger, young ESL/EFL learners, and children with special needs. The songs are appropriately paced for children with developing motor skills, and full of room for gestures and dancing to help kids interact with the lyrics.

5.  GiggleBellies - Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs  A super creative music video series that captivates young children like no other. Engaging kids songs and upbeat nursery rhymes teach ABC's, Colors & so much more. Great fun & edutainment for babies, toddlers, preschoolers & kindergartners. Kids love to sing and dance along with the silly GiggleBellies crew, and parents love that they are learning too!

6.  HooplaKidz  Our channel has the most Popular Nursery Rhymes and Fun Children's Songs that feature the cutest and coolest characters dancing to catchy tunes at charming locations!

7.  KidsTV123 I just used one of these videos last week for a lesson on body parts. We had a toe-tapping good time.

8.  LaurieBerknerVEVO  I've been dancing with little ones to the Laurie Berkner Band for many years. Her music is catchy and energetic, perfect for my little preschool friends.

9.  Mother Goose Club Playhouse  The official channel for all things Mother Goose Club. Preschoolers, parents and teachers love Mother Goose Club's six colorful characters that lead children through classic nursery rhymes. Come dance, clap and sing along!

10.  Two Little Hands Productions  This is the company that produces Signing Time products so the videos feature songs from the DVDs.

What are your favorite YouTube channels? Share with us in the comments below!

Sarah smiled pretty for school pictures today and took home one of those little black combs!

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