Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Morning Perspective: Half Full or Half Empty?

I needed this post today as I drink my coffee hoping for any extra energy before taking my somewhat sick self to church (no handshaking or hugs for anyone today, to limit germ sharing). I'm normally an overwhelmingly optimistic person, but when I get tired or stressed, I forget to reframe what is happening.

This isn't to sugarcoat anything, especially for parents of kids with special needs! But sometimes the reality can get so overwhelming that any little bump to get through the day is a good thing.

From Babble:

I’m not gonna lie … some days parenting sucks.
There are days when my toddler is one big bundle of tantrums and sass and my baby is super fussy and glued to me all day long. There are days when I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into and just want to curl up under the covers and cry. And then there are moments of overwhelming sweetness that remind me why I wanted to be a parent in the first place.
Most days are filled with a little bit of everything, some highs and some lows, but when all is said and done, it’s really just about how I choose to look at it. Do I want to be a “Glass-Half-Empty” or “Glass-Half-Full” kind of parent?
In that spirit, I decided to try a little exercise in perspective. I documented a day in the life — first from a “Glass-Half-Empty” point of view and then from “Glass-Half-Full”:

“Glass-Half-Empty” Parenting

7:30 AM: I wake to the sounds of my toddler screaming, “Mommy! I need a dress on! Come take my pajamas off!” By the time I get her dressed, the baby is awake and alerted me to that fact by leaking through his diaper all over my bed. Time to wash the sheets, one of the lovely benefits of co-sleeping. I change the baby, throw the sheets in the dryer, make oatmeal for my daughter and eggs for myself and just as I’m about to sit down to eat, little brother is crying and ready to eat again. Cold eggs… again.

“Glass-Half-Full” Parenting

7:30 AM: I wake up and soak in the sweet smell of the infant cuddled next to me in bed. I hear my toddler stirring down the hall, and as I open her door, I’m greeted by her sweet little voice asking me to “come snuggle” her. We snuggle in her bed for maybe two minutes before the baby wakes up, but those two minutes are oh-so-sweet. I get the kids dressed and giggle with my toddler while she shows me her best twirl in the mirror. Getting breakfast ready is a bit of a shuffle in between nursing and cooking, but when I do sit down, my breakfast of bacon and eggs (made right from our backyard coop!) is pretty delicious… even if it’s a little cold.

This is just a small sample of the post, so be sure to read the whole post:
Then come back and share with us. Does this perspective help you? Write your own glass-half-full parenting article and send me a message on Facebook or by email at  ~Heather H.

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