Thursday, September 4, 2014

This week in my speech-language therapy! Back to school with discounted therapy apps!

I don't normally write a newsletter for my school speech-language therapy position. While I'd love to share with parents every week, I just have a hard time adding one more thing to the paperwork load. But it's been such a good first week in therapy, I'm sharing this week! Read on to find out what apps and activities we've done in speech this week.

This was the first week of therapy for me, which means some of the session time is filled with telling kids their schedule and reviewing individual goals. I also used the Get To Know You worksheets from Jenna Rayburn at Speech Room News. The older students worked on these while I got their data sheets, attendance sheets, and goal sheets all organized in each session. The kids enjoyed it, especially telling me about what they wrote!

I did a lot of articulation screening this week. Every student with speech sound goals was given a screener, in order to determine any progress over the summer and decide on the sequence for the first therapy sessions. This year, I used the Little Bee Speech Articulation Test Center. I used the quick screen option, and it was super easy to administer. Check it out if you have school money to spend on apps or can make the personal investment. It's useful throughout the year for screening and for additional information on evaluations.

(iPad only, currently 50% off! $24.99 for a limited time!)

In pragmatic therapy groups, I used Between The Lines 2 from Hamaguchi apps.  I've had the app for a few months, but hadn't used with most of these students. They all loved it, and one even declared it her favorite app ever! It's a great app to use to target understanding of idioms, facial expressions, body language and tone of voice. Many of the items use video clips, too. It's also on sale this week, so it's a great time to get the full version. Or try out the lite version, currently FREE (normally $.99!) There are extension activities on the Hamaguchi website, too.

iPad full version, currently $9.99!
iPad FREE Lite version!
iPhone full version, currently $9.99!
iPhone FREE Lite version!

I also used the Autism Social Skills and Language Activities (Expected vs. Unexpected) BUNDLE on Teachers pay Teachers, as well as the How Do They Feel? Teaching Young Children to Recognize Emotion in Others packet. These activities were really good for targeting understanding facial expressions and body language.

Of course there was more, but these activities and apps comprised most of this week's therapy. Share what you did in therapy, in the classroom or at home that was fun this week!


Heather H got a schedule done on Friday last week. This week, she's changed it no less than 3 times a day. 

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