Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Free App Alert! Hoopa City is a Top Pick app and it's FREE for a limited time

The Smart Apps Staff has been huge fans of TribePlay, the developers of the Dr. Panda apps, since I can remember. These top quality apps inspire kid's imagination and let them stretch their creative minds. Hoopa City, rated an impressive 4.5 stars, is the latest app in their collection of apps. Dr Panda's little hippo friend is a construction worker and kids are tasked with helping him build a cute little town... or a big city... or a beachside resort. Whatever their imagination comes up with.

The best part, it's currently FREE! Yes, it is free for the first time ever! So hurry over and download it now as we have no idea how long this sale will last!

We also just found out that Toca Pet Doctor is FREE! Head over here to download your copy!

If you would like to download Hoopa City (FREE regularly $2.99) and help support us at the same time, please use our link:


From iTunes:
Plan and build in Hoopa City! Combine different materials to build roads, houses, and much, much more with your favorite Hippo from the Dr. Panda games! Can you find the secret combination for each building? 

Let your imagination run wild and build a village, town, or even a huge city of your own design in Hoopa City! Use different materials and combine them to create all sorts of buildings! Fill the landscape with shops, roads, schools, and even theme parks or stadiums! Each building takes a special combination of materials to create, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Whether you want to build a shopping paradise, a beach resort, or a quiet forest town, you can with Hoopa in Hoopa City!

Hoopa City is designed with kids in mind, but people of all ages can build and have fun!

Key features:

- Build your own city – however you like!
- Play and experiment with 7 world-building materials like water, electricity and brick!
- Discover all of the different buildings!
- Save your game, take a break, play again later!
- Play however you want! No time limits or strict rules!
- No in-app purchases or third party ads

Rachel H just spent a good chunk of money at her kids' book fair at school. She has a hard time saying no to good books.

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