Sunday, October 19, 2014

FREE resources from Autism Teaching Strategies for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: videos, worksheets and more!

I've shared some resources before from the amazing Autism Teaching Strategies website, like this FREE social skills material. I recently also found some incredible resources for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It's designed to use with kids with autism, but I find it incredibly helpful for any student to work through how to respond to big emotions. I recently used the videos with a child with anxiety, and his relief at not being the only one who had "poison thoughts" and hope at the potential of "antidote thoughts" was amazing.
These resources are completely free, and I still can't quite get over that. There are videos on YouTube and printable materials and explanations on the website. It's a resource worth checking out for students with anxiety, self-defeating thoughts, negative self-talk and more. It helps teach self-regulation in a clear way.

Check out the videos here: Autism Teaching Strategies on YouTube or view the video below for the first in the series, then click on the sidebar to advance.

Then be sure to visit the Autism Teaching Strategies website. You can find a page with links to all videos, and also check out the FREE 42-page download for emotion worksheets. 

Spend some time sorting through the amazing materials at Autism Teaching Strategies. And if you work with any child with autism or one prone to anxiety, be sure to get these videos onto a playlist for easy access when you need them.


Heather H admits to having her own poison thoughts, and she is using the antidote strategy herself now.

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