Saturday, October 18, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Completely FREE app teaches life and social skills!

Everyone faces challenges in life. The main character in Bouncy the People Trainer's You Can Learn is Bouncy, a three-legged mixed breed dog who overcame adversity. Bouncy's message is that every child was born for greatness and with hard work and a positive attitude anything is possible. It's a free app, with no in-app purchases!

Ripple Effects, the developer, works in utilizing technology to address non-academic topics such as safety, happiness and behavior. Learn more about this company and the resources Bouncy has available for teachers, parents and kids on their website.

This completely free app features interactive stories, peer modeling videos, multicultural avatars, music, drawing and more. Elementary age students will love this sweet little dog and learn valuable life lessons while having fun.

If you'd like to meet Bouncy, please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the link provided (iPad only, completely FREE!)


External links to Bouncykids website under a parental lock.
From iTunes:

Meet Bouncy! Bouncy the People Trainer's: You Can Learn is a fun and engaging learning and behavior training program. Bouncy is a plucky three-legged dog who models strength, humor and resilience in the face of challenges. Kids learn that if they care enough, believe in themselves, try hard and keep trying when things get tough, they can learn to read and count, control their behavior, and make friends. The app includes an interactive story, where Bouncy remembers how she learned a key lesson, as well as art and music activities, a game to test mastery, "You Star," a cartoon adventure featuring Bouncy and the life-like avatar your child chooses from 2600 possible combinations. Bouncy’s You Can Learn also includes a badge system and trophies to recognize progress as children move through five levels of the program: Caring, Believing, Trying, and Persevering. 

 Bouncy the People Trainer’s: You Can Learn is designed to reach many different kinds of learners: * Peer modeling for learners who like to watch first. 
* Life-like avatar and interactive “What If” for those who like to jump in and do. 
* Narration, songs, and sound effects for those who get more from what they hear. 
* Interactive story and cartoon for those who learn best from stories and metaphor. 

You Can Learn uses avatars to create a sense of ownership and agency about learning: 
* Learners choose eyes, hair, skin color and clothes (including dress up costumes) to create a life-like avatar, from 2600 possible combinations. The avatar then stars in an animated cartoon story and throughout the program to learn key concepts. 

 What If: 
You Can Learn teaches social emotional skills by: 
 * Encouraging learners to interact with the material on each screen. 
* Creating opportunities for feedback. 
* Giving learners time to practice what they're learned. Extension activities on the web with exercises for parents and downloadable music and coloring sheets for kids help extend learning beyond the iPad. 
* Having learners apply what they're learned to themselves through the “What ifs?” and “Art” exercises. 

You Can Learn is fun and engaging: 
* Some kids learn best through music. For them we have songs and a drum set to play along with! 
* Some learn through creating art. For them we have an urban sidewalk and chalk to draw with. Each child has their very own room to display their art and trophies. 
* Other learners want a way to know they “get it”. For this we have the “Got it?” games and personal scorecard. 

 About Ripple Effects 
Ripple Effects is a woman owned social enterprise that believes every child was born for greatness. However, we also understand greatness doesn’t happen automatically. Children need to systematically train their body, feelings and mind to grow into it. Bouncy’s Social-Emotional Learning Platform is adapted for younger learners from the multi-award winning Ripple Effects Whole Spectrum Intervention System for teen and elementary students, which is listed as a preventive intervention for children’s mental health and substance abuse on the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP), a list vetted by SAMHSA, a Division of NIH.

Sarah grew up next door to a family with a 3 legged dog.  The only life lesson she learned from that dog was to pedal her bike fast when passing by the house.

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