Monday, October 27, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: COMPLETELY FREE Wellapets provides fun asthma education for kids with asthma

Given my current bout with bronchitis, today's free app definitely caught my attention: Wellapets - Asthma Education Pets for Kids is a cute app to help empower kids with asthma. Taking care of a pet with asthma helps kids understand more about important steps in asthma care, and have fun doing it! The user gets to name a pet and watch it grow, even including a comic book style story about how the pet (mine is named Wheezy) came to need an inhaler.
I loved the step-by-step explanation of how to use an inhaler with spacer. This app would be so helpful with younger children first learning how to use an inhaler on their own. There's even a fun Fruit-Ninja style game to slash the asthma triggers while avoiding the inhalers. 

To download Wellapets - Asthma Education Pets for Kids and help your kid with asthma learn more about asthma management, please support Smart Apps For Special Needs and use our download link (iPad/iPhone, FREE):


From iTunes:

Wellapets is a revolutionary new educational game that teaches kids to manage asthma through taking care of a fun pet that also has asthma! 

“This game is a novel approach to helping children understand asthma in a fun and educational way. My patients would greatly benefit from this approach.”
-- Gregory Sawicki, MD, MPH, asthma-specialist pediatrician


An adorable Wellapet desperately needs your help managing its asthma and learning how to blow fire! But watch out - the pesky, dirty smog monster from the factory nearby is coming to bother your Wellapet! What to do??

BOOM! Superwella arrives just in time to teach your pet how to defend itself! Superwella teaches your Wellapet to blow fire through twice daily training missions, sent to your Wellapad. Complete new missions twice per day to keep your pet in tip-top health, unlock new rooms and minigames, evolve your pet’s epic fire-breathing and collect sweet items to decorate your pet’s home.

Adopt your very own Wellapet today!


Practice proper inhaler technique - Kids walk their Wellapet through the correct steps of using an inhaler, including using a spacer and breathing at the right times.

Learn to use controller/maintenance inhalers at the right time - To keep their Wellapet healthy, kids give their pet its controller/maintenance inhaler twice per day.

Recognize and understand asthma triggers - Kids clean up asthma triggers in their Wellapet's home and avoid triggers when playing outside.

Identify and correctly act on asthma symptoms - Kids use an Asthma Action Plan to play doctor and diagnose other Wellapets with asthma.


Wellapets builds upon promising research demonstrating that health-focused games can make kids healthier and more knowledgeable of their health. Specifically, studies have shown that health-focused games can: 

• Improve kids’ knowledge and self-efficacy regarding their health
• Help kids remember to take their medication at the right times
• Keep kids’ health conditions under control better

Existing research has focused on games for kids with cancer and kids with diabetes. We believe Wellapets can bring these benefits to kids with asthma. 

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