Saturday, October 25, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Sphere - 360 Photography

Take a field trip without leaving the classroom and without spending any money! Sphere -360 Photography is a free ticket to amazing places all over the world. Browse through collections of "spheres" from famous locations/landmarks or search a specific place. It's a great way to prepare students for new situations such as moving to a new school or taking an actual field trip. Help students enhance writing skills by describing a panoramic shot of a favorite place. Take a trip to The Milky Way, explore the Eiffel Tower, or share a sphere of your favorite local park. There are endless education possibilities within this app.

If you would like to download Sphere - 360 Photography (iPhone/iPad) please show your support for Smart Apps for Special Needs by using the link provided:

**Please note that spheres can be viewed on any device, but Sphere recording is currently only supported on iPhone 4S/5+, iPod 5G and iPad 2+.
External apps to e-mail and social media to share "Spheres".

From iTunes:

 Step into the future of photography. Record key moments - and immerse yourself in new ones - like never before. See Paris from a hot air balloon, feel the energy from the American ldol stage, and hold onto your raft as you approach Hubbard Glacier. With Sphere, your device is a movable window you control. 

• Keep elbows and forearms pressed against chest 
• When shooting indoors, find a wide, open area 
• Avoid moving people and objects 
• Practice makes perfect 

 You can also record hands–free using a Motrr Galileo. The following devices support this feature: iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, and the iPod Touch 5th gen. (w/ rear-facing camera) 

 RECORDING NOT SUPPORTED ON: iPad (original, 1st gen), iPhone 4 and older, iPod Touch (4th gen and older), iPod Touch (5th gen without a rear facing camera). Also, iPad 2 and iPad 3 strictly support Pro Mode for recording (Easy Mode is unavailable). Note: It's impossible to deliver our recording and stitching technology to all devices. We've tested on every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, fine–tuning and modifying in every way to support the most devices we can. If your device isn't one of them, please know that we've tried our best to support you.

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