Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Tips for Kids with Sensory Sensitivities

We learned last week from Shelly that October is National Sensory Awareness Month. Since it's also Halloween, I found a few great articles about tips for tackling Halloween with kids who have sensory sensitivities. I know even for my three children without major sensory challenges, Halloween was sometimes difficult, with the various textures, noises, sights and smells that take over a normal routine. For kids with sensitivities, it can be overwhelming.

Halloween Tips For Kids With Sensory Sensitivities

This first article talks about the importance of a schedule, a code word for when things are too overwhelming, practicing in the costume and more.

5 Tips For Helping Children With Sensory Challenges Enjoy Halloween

This article from The American Occupational Therapy Association makes a great point in emphasizing that parents "Cater to your child’s strengths throughout the day." This is a great reminder for kids who might be challenged through much of what others find fun--make sure you're including things your child will enjoy, too!

Halloween Tips For Children With Sensory Processing Disorder

And this great article from North Shore Pediatric Therapy includes a whole list of ideas to help make the experience more enjoyable.

Check out all of these tips and start planning now, to help kids with sensory sensitivities thrive and enjoy Halloween! Their fun and happy Halloween might look different than other kids', and planning for that will make it fun for everyone.

~Heather H

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