Monday, October 6, 2014

Pinterest To-Do: Speech-language building with simple activities!

I know it's a temptation for all of us--pin things on Pinterest that look good, and then never go back to actually try it! So in that realm, I found THREE great pins that I need to try. I'm going to do at least one this week. How about you? Which of these is helpful to you?

1. Sorting Opposites: Some of my younger Life Skills students are working on concepts, and I need to step away from the picture cards and get some actual objects. This is a great activity from Rockabye Butterfly for home to build vocabulary and basic concepts!
2. Candy Corn Game: I cannot bring candy corn into my therapy room, even if my plan is to give each student just one. Unfortunately, I will eat the remainder of the bag in one day. So, I think I need to make a simple candy corn game. This game is great for preschoolers and kindergarten students working on letter names and sounds. I plan to use it for articulation, and also for description--students describe the picture with at least two characteristics, getting a piece of the puzzle for each descriptive word. The Kindergarten Smiles blog features a link to get this FREE resource!

3. Magnet Can Robots: This activity was supposedly from, but that site now belongs to the overall, and I can't find a link. But aren't they ridiculously adorable? Hopefully the picture is enough to inspire some creativity with cans. I know that they would certainly get my students talking! Follow directions for which piece to put on the can, and describe the different robots, just to name a few ways to build language with this cool project.

Share a pin you'd like to try but haven't yet!

Heather H. wonders if there's any psychology behind choosing three pins that all featured some sort of puzzle...

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