Friday, October 31, 2014

Should Disney feature a princess with Down Syndrome?

I came across an interesting article this morning regarding a petition being signed to have Disney create a princess with Down Syndrome, and one mom's views on why she doesn't think they need to. Two very popular shows, Glee and American Horror Story (AHS), have actresses with Down Syndrome as recurring stars. I personally love AHS and Jamie Brewers' roles. She shows that no matter who you are, you can fall in love, be a witch and steal a scene, even with an extra chromosome.

Lauren Potter (Glee) also shows that the extra chromosome means you can be a "Cheerio", and just as popular and feisty as anyone else. Lauren Potter was also appointed to the President's Committee for People with Intellectual disabilities in 2011.

So does Disney need to have a princess with Down Syndrome? Darcie Maranich, a mother of a daughter with Down Syndrome, doesn't think so. Why? Because her daughter relates to the Disney characters, no matter their story, background or chromosome count!

I found one section of this blog particularly interesting (and knew I wanted to share it with everyone):
Cassidy relates with Pinocchio’s desire to be included. She relates with Rapunzel’s adventurous spirit. She relates with Merida’s fierce resolve. She relates with Ariel’s curiosity. She relates with Pocahontas’ uncharted life and with Mulan’s independent spirit. She has compassion, like Belle, and an ever-present rumbly in her tumbly like Pooh bear. Indeed, Disney has created characters that my Cassidy can relate with and–in all honesty–I’d rather she relate with a colorful spectrum of characters than just one who wears a label.
Just like many other children, Darcie's daughter finds the characteristic in the princesses that she can relate to, or who she wants to be.

To read the rest of Darcie's article, and see some awesome pictures of her daughter with Disney characters, click here.


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