Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Update: Two Erik X. Raj apps are now FREE to try!

Erik X. Raj is a very creative speech-language pathologist who also develops some fun apps for speech-language therapy. They challenge the notion that apps (and therapy in general) is about picture card drill, adding a fun touch to articulation practice. Well, two of these fun apps are now FREE to download. This savings of $4.99 each allows SLPs and parents to try out the app first before buying. The /s/ sound is free in both apps, with all other sounds unlocked with a single in-app purchase.
This is especially nice for anyone working on only /s/, but I prefer this model so that I can truly know if an app will work for my needs before committing to a $5 purchase. Don't worry if you already owned the app before this switch, though. The update indicates that your content will remain unlocked. If it doesn't seem to be, it will be restored by using the "restore" button within the app.

I love the Erik X. Raj apps for my students who have mastered using their target sounds in words. The variety seems to make the process of getting to spontaneous production in conversation a lot more engaging. Download them today!

Secret Mission Articulation for Speech Therapy (iPad/iPhone)
Secret Mission Articulation is a unique speech therapy game that challenges players to guess a hidden word by choosing from different letters on an alphabet board. The upgraded version of this app features a comprehensive collection of over 600 sound-specific articulation words designed for speech-language pathologists to use with individuals who exhibit difficulty producing the following speech sounds: S, Z, R, L, S/R/L Blends, SH, CH, and TH.

Word Search Articulation for Speech Therapy
Word Search Articulation allows students to play hide and seek with their articulation words. At the start of each round, the given word hides in a grid filled to the brim with jumbled letters. In an attempt to discover the hidden words, children must concentrate and focus their eyes on the grid to spot those sneaky words. These puzzles demand great detective work because all of these words are fantastic at hiding. However, if a student gets stumped and is unable to find the hidden word, the ‘hint’ button is always an option. This could be pressed at any point during the word search and it causes the first letter of the hidden word to become highlighted. This child-friendly feature ensures that all students will experience success as they participate in this wonderful word hunt adventure. 

Heather H isn't falling asleep while working this evening, because playoff baseball is just too exciting.

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