Monday, November 10, 2014

All-Star: A service dog puppy forms an immediate bond!

Our son has had quite the journey so far in his short life. He was born with Craniosynostosis, Hydrocephalus, Benign Neutropenia, Chromosome Xp duplication and Autism. And over the years, he has had a lot of therapy, with doctors and therapists working with him. Over the last year, though, it has seemed that the therapy was no longer working. It just wasn't doing anything. Other families had told us about puppies and how it had helped their kids through difficulties by assisting them with day-to-day social activities. We waited, though, to first exhaust all other avenues of therapy before starting down the path of an assistance puppy. 

Just recently, we were ready and decided to look into an assistance puppy.  We went to a breeder of Labradors to look at the puppies, and we were certainly not expecting what happened. All the dogs acted like normal puppies. All except one little girl pup who seemed to be drawn to our son. She gently approached him and calmly stayed by his side. This was truly heartwarming to witness, so we started fundraising to set out son up with this puppy as his assistance puppy and best friend.

This pup was so perceptive to my son's needs. She started slowly, and it wasn't until he seemed more comfortable that she moved closer. She knew our son was special, and it brought tears to my eyes to witness the special moment they shared. The breeder agreed to hold her for us for two weeks while our fundraiser raised the last of the funds for her. 

I hope this can put a smile on someone's face, like it did for me. 

This story was shared with us by one of our readers. We love to feature reader stories of celebrations featuring your All-Star child! 

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