Thursday, November 20, 2014

ASHA means apps! Speech-language app companies discounting apps! Save hundreds!

I'm currently enjoying Orlando at the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA)'s national convention. OK, really, I'm not enjoying much at all of Orlando, since a convention means a lot of time inside. Thankfully, the sessions are wonderful, the networking and connections with 13, 000 speech-language pathologists and audiologists is inspiring, and the exhibit hall is fun. Even better, multiple app companies are running sales right now! This is definitely the time to get SLP apps!

It could take me hours to put up a post with all individual links. And who has time when hours are being spent in sessions? But these links will take you to each app developer's iTunes page, to be able to see each of the apps available.

Smarty Ears Apps: ALL of the Smarty Ears apps are 30% off! Yes, every single one! We're hoping to buy multiple copies of the Bilingual Articulation and Phonology Assessment (BAPA). Did you know it's standardized for bilingual AND monolingual speakers of English and Spanish? Think of the deal: a standardized articulation assessment for most of your caseload, with no protocols to buy, ever.

Find BAPA here (iPad only, $84.99 to $59.99)

And find all of the Smarty Ears apps here (30% off!):

Tactus Therapy Apps: If you're at ASHA, stop by the Tactus Therapy booth in the exhibit hall and say hi! I'll be there helping out in the lunch break, as well as other random times in the day. All of the Tactus Therapy apps are also on sale! Check out the list on Smart Apps For Kids, or see all of the apps on the app store here:

all4mychild: Over on Smart Apps For Kids, Heather S. featured the great social development apps from all4mychild. They're all on sale, and all great apps! Check out the post on Smart Apps For Kids for more details, or see all of the apps on the app store here:

Virtual Speech Center: This company is bringing down the house with a 40% off sale! This is a huge discount on professional apps, and they have many apps. We've reviewed a lot of them, including Sounds at Home, Factory of Categories and Top Pick School of Multi-Step Directions. Get ready to save and view all of their apps here:

Hamaguchi Apps: I have all of these apps, and use them frequently in therapy. This is a great sale, with all of the Lite versions now also free, along with up to 40% off on many of the full apps! View all of there apps here:

I will add any more sales I find to the list! If you know of any, please tell us on Facebook, Twitter or by leaving a comment!


Heather H. has a poster session on Saturday, and finally sent it to Fed Ex to print Thursday evening. She's going for the procrastination award from ASHA. 

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