Sunday, November 9, 2014

Four new Disney apps are FREE! Now 100 free Disney apps!

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The addition of these four new apps to one of our most popular posts brings the tally up to 100 FREE DISNEY APPS!  
Today we are featuring Match 3 games with the themes of Club Penguin and Big Hero 6, interactive adventure stories by Rick Riordan, and the ever-so-lovable Olaf from Frozen.

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Olaf's Adventures (in-app purchases)
iOS Universal
Summer is finally here! Time to dodge beach balls with your favorite snowman or try your hand and the Sandman Shuffle! Enjoy the hilarious all-new comedy of Olaf as you explore the silliest of adventure games through Winter, Spring and now Summer with Olaf and the other beloved characters from Frozen! Some apps are just worth melting for, ya know?
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Big Hero 6 Bot Fight (in-app purchases)
iOS Universal
Get ready to BOT FIGHT! Continue the journey with Baymax, Hiro and the rest of the Big Hero 6 team in an epic Match-3 puzzle adventure. Match 3 or more Power Cells to power up your team. Power Cells and Bots of the same color activate an attack. Test your skills by creating the biggest combos to blast through your enemies! 
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Club Penguin Puffle Wild (in-app purchases, Australia only)
iOS Universal
Brave explorers wanted! Strange things have been happening in Club Penguin's untamed wilderness... Are you ready to EXPLORE the mysterious area and DISCOVER powerful puffles? In this epic Match 3 adventure, journey to CONQUER the Wilds! Along the way, collect powerful puffles to help match 3. Take on 60+ FREE levels and challenge unique game puzzles... 
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Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.25.34 AM
Rick Riordan's Demigods of Olympus (USA & Canada only, rated 12+ years for Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence)
iOS Universal
Your quest begins! Use your unique demigod skills in the exclusive, interactive, customized, and never-before-seen adventure stories written by New York Times #1 best-selling author Rick Riordan himself! You'll also have access to the entire Rick Riordan anthology all in one app!
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