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Free App Alert! All three Spy Sam apps for beginning readers are FREE! Good for Dyslexia!

We featured the Spy Sam books on Smart Apps For Kids a few weeks ago, calling them amazing even when two of the three were paid. And I just found out that ALL THREE are currently free in recognition of Dyslexia Awareness Week. This series of books are designed for older readers at a beginning reading level. These books are a must-download now for anyone in education or with kids who need a little more support with reading. 

Spy_sam_1If you would like to download Spy Sam Reading Book 1 (FREE, iPad Only), please support Smart Apps for Kids by using our link:
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Spy_sam_3If you would like to download Spy Sam Reading Book 3 - Into the Den (currently FREE, normally $1.99, iPad Only), please support Smart Apps for Kids by using our link:
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App-Warning-noADS-noIAP-ELNo ads or in-app purchases. One external link to the app store to purchase the next book in the series. A multiplication question must be answered before leaving the app.

Spy_sam_4Spy Sam Reading Books are not just your regular book apps. The developer, Matthew Cordingly, had a strong passion for writing these stories and making these apps truly functional for a variety of children. The app was designed for young children, such as Cordingly's son, with big imaginations and the desire to read adventure stories but the need for fewer words on a page and simpler word levels. These books do just that and even more.

One of the first things a user will notice is that there is no sound within the app. This is a book designed to focus on reading, so join your child in the adventure as they read through each story on their own. This app doesn't leave children completely on their own though. Interactive elements can be found around the words. Many sounds can be tricky in the English language as two sounds join together to make one sound, such as -th and -sh. Throughout Spy Sam Reading Books, a dash can be found under these digraphs. If a child taps that dash, the eyes of a character will appear. Don't forget about that crazy silent e that makes a vowel say its name. Readers will find an arrow pointing from the e back to the vowel that changed to help with sounding out these words.

Spy_sam_5Each book contains 90 or more pages of adventure for a child to discover. An arrow will lead a reader to the next page on most occasions, but be on the look out for other interactive buttons to push that can add to the fun, such as clicking on the spy hat to reveal what is in it or clicking on the robot's bike to see what happens. Among the pages of each book, many of the first 100 words taught in schools can be found, which makes for great reading practice.

Do not worry about anxiety over page numbers or words on a page. The developer has taken care of all of that already. The number of words on a page is kept to a minimum, so children are not overwhelmed with reading. There are no page numbers for a child to watch and worry about how much is left. The story is even written on a blue background which helps readability for children with dyslexia.

Spy_sam_6Spy Sam Reading Book 1 begins the adventure with the largest text size of all the books and the fewest words. It is a fun and simple story to grab the attention of the adventure-loving youth. Do not just stop with book 1 though because the story continues through book 2 and 3, and it becomes darker and moodier. These books make a great bedtime story with dim lighting to add to the adventure that kids love. Book 3 will leave readers on the edge of their seat excited for the release of books 4 and 5 in the future!

These books are filled with gadgets, robots and spies. What great elements for an adventure story? A brother and sister pair work together to save the world. Follow Spy Sam and Fizz on an adventure to overcome the struggles that are thrown at them. Watch a good character be turned into a bad one and see what happens to the spy lab. Each book builds on the last, so you won't want to delay in getting all of them, especially when two of them are 50 percent off for a limited time. There is so much adventure and so much fun, but I don't want to give away too much. Find a child to explore the adventure with and see just what happens.

From iTunes:
Spy_sam_7Welcome to book 1, the fun and friendly starting point for this action filled adventure series created for the early reader. From this simple starting point, books 2 and 3 see the series descend into a darker and moodier world where Spy Sam must rely more on gritty determination, rather than the fun gadgets of book 1.

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Created by a doctor for his dyslexic son to enjoy to read, this adventure series is aimed at children who are after an exciting and thought provoking storyline, but still enjoy having only a few words on each page. Book 1 is intended to allow the young reader to gain confidence in reading this series. It has the biggest text size, no more than 8 words per page, and where possible vocabulary from the first 100 words taught in many primary schools.

“This is a great adventure book that includes over 80 pages and simple vocabulary for children.” - appPicker

Recommended by Dyslexia Help -

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- Over 90 pages
- Aimed at 5-7 year olds
- Simple vocabulary, using many of the first 100 words taught in many primary schools (KS1).
- No more than 8 words per page.
- Interactivity around the words, rather than the pictures, to concentrate the child's focus on reading.
- Interactive elements help with sounding out digraphs and split digraphs (eg 'oo' in 'look' and the 'e' in 'bike')
- Buttons and numbers to press to promote understanding.
- Blue background to improve readability for children with dyslexia.
- No swipe to turn page, to reduce accidental page turning and enable flip-book style changes to images on page.
- Simple colourful drawings.
- No page numbers - so the child is not put off by how many pages there is left to read.
- Please note, this app does not read out the words for the child. It has been designed to be read and enjoyed with an adult.
- Exciting storyline with multiple cliffhangers to motivate the child to continue reading.
- No in-app purchases
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