Saturday, November 22, 2014

Free App Alert! Social Skill Builder Lite (save $2.99!) FREE for a limited time!

This may be a lite version, but it's a lite version that normally costs $2.99, and it contains four full modules for free! Each module in this social skills app contains video scenes and at least ten questions. As a FREE app, this is a must-download for any parent, teacher or speech-language pathologist working on developing pragmatic language and social skills!
Start teaching social skills with video modeling and support Smart Apps For Special Needs at the same time, just by using our download button. Social Skill Builder Lite is available for iPad only, and there are in-app purchases for additional modules:

From iTunes:
Social Skill Builder offers both a Lite and Full version of our social skill App.

Our Lite version for $2.99 offers the first four modules for Social Skill Builder’s unique interactive video, social leaning app. 

These 4 modules include a total of more than 40 questions and associated videos (approx 10 each) for the user to view and react to by answering multiple choice questions.

These video scenarios are of real interactions of a preschool(Preschool Playtime), a elementary school(My School Day), a middle/high school (School Rules) and a community setting (My Community). 

Within these settings children and young adults demonstrate common social interactions with their peers and other adults. 

Additional modules of each of these settings can be purchased al carte for 1.99 each. Each of these additional modules contain 10-15 video scenarios each within their designated setting. 

**Please Note: If all modules are purchased from the al a carte menu the total purchase price is $18.99

If you are a parent or therapist targeting only one age group ie: Preschool, it might be more economical for you to purchase the lite version and then to purchase the other preschool module al a carte.

If you are a therapist or school targeting many different age groups it might be more economical for you to purchase the full version and receive the variety of settings and age groups offered at a discounted price.

Our Full version for 14.99 offers 12 modules (2 preschool, 6 elementary, 2 community and 2 middle/high school), containing engaging videos for this educational app. 

This package price provides a savings to the user and provides them with the same total amount of modules! 

All of Social Skill Builder app modules use interactive video to teach key social thinking, language and behavior critical to everyday social situations.

This award winning software assists in the understanding and growth of social skills in the areas of:

•Friendship/Life Skills
•Understanding Emotions
•Problem Solving
•Critical Thinking
•Perspective Taking

This type of interactive engagement produces a higher level of understanding and retention than passively watching video stories. 

Scores are tracked so that progress can be evaluated and a pause button at each video can stop the action at each teachable moment. This is wonderful for further spontaneous learning and expansion of skills presented in the app. 

Social Skill Builder products are all designed by speech-language pathologists with an understanding of how to promote social learning successfully in individuals with such learning challenges as:

* Autism Spectrum Disorder
* Asperger Syndrome
* Traumatic Brain Injury
* Down Syndrome
* Attentive Deficit Disorder
* Other Learning and Language Deficits

***Disclosures for Parents***

We take your children’s' privacy and safety seriously.

Social Skill Builder app:
* Contains no ads
* Contains no tracking functions
* Contains no share functions 
* Does include the ability for an In-App Purchase of more content

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