Thursday, November 6, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Treasure Dash Math is completely FREE! Learn multiplication concepts and practice facts

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.33.35 PMToday's free app is a brand new app to target multiplication concepts and fact fluency. It's COMPLETELY free, with no in-app purchases, and it's one that all teachers and parents of kids in 3rd-5th grade should download now. Treasure Dash Math: Learn Multiplication and Times Table for Kids is a great way to practice multiplication, from learning arrays to proficiency of facts. The app is aligned with the Common Core Standards, too, even listing the standard with the specific game in the app.

No multiplication is needed to download this app, since it's completely FREE! Simply support Smart Apps For Kids and use our download button (iPad/iPhone, FREE):
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Math3My son is in 5th grade, and he long ago mastered the concept of multiplication and can make a mean array. But he still needs fluency in his multiplication facts. My daughter is in 2nd grade and they haven't started multiplication yet, but she definitely has the ability to understand an array and complete most of the games in this app.
A completely free math app, appropriate for a wide age range and meeting Common Core Standards. Any way I multiply that out, it equals a win.

From iTunes:
Math2Learning multiplication is fun with Treasure Dash Math! This app is for beginning to intermediate level multiplication learners, and is aligned with Common Core Standards. Students learn multiplication concepts (including interpreting arrays and multiplication properties), practice multiplication problems, and apply their knowledge to real-life situations with word problems.

Start your adventure as Safari Zach or Dashing Emma on the island of Maths Landing, where you earn gems by solving questions. Each time you finish a quiz, you hop to the next island. Linear Island teaches about number lines, Equation Nation tests your ability to solve multiplication equations, and the Bonus Isle helps you understand a multiplication table. Finish off on Wordville, where your challenge is to solve real-life word problems before time runs out! Once you’ve followed the treasure trail to the end, bring your collection of gems to Prize Island, where you can buy a prize to show off to your friends and family.

For parents and educators who are looking for a way to introduce your child to multiplication, this app is the learning tool you’ve been looking for. Hurry, the adventure with Safari Zach and Dashing Emma is waiting to begin!

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