Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Great list of strategies and accommodations for IEPs! FREE!

I was searching for some ideas for good vocabulary goals, when I came across this amazing list of strategies and accommodations that can be used in an Individualized Education Plan. Of course, this plan should be INDIVIDUAL, but lists can still be a helpful starting place!

Sometimes I need a little something to get my brain going. Lists and goal banks can be a great jumping off point when preparing a good IEP or 504.

 Check out this list if you're a parent or professional to see some ideas of accommodations that might benefit your child.
I hope others find this list as useful as I did. I printed out the whole list, but bookmarking the site allows for easy cut and paste into an online IEP system like I use. Check it out! Do you have any strategies you think should be added?

printable list of strategies (SDIs) for your IEP meeting (over 500 and counting!)

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