Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Price Drop Alert! Save on Use2Talk AAC app, only $1.99!

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.17.05 AMSpeech-language pathologists and asssistive technology specialists know how important it is to have a large variety of augmentative and assistive communication (AAC) options available. Everyone who needs AAC is different, and benefits from different features and options. So I get pretty excited when I see an AAC app that's been reduced in price like Use2Talk! It's a great time to snag it for evaluative purposes, or to use in therapy as support for any student. There's even a visual scheduling feature to this app! This price won't last, so be sure to get it now for just $1.99!


Talk2If you downloaded Use2Talk when it was last discounted, take another look at it. It was just recently redesigned!  There are a lot of great new features, and it works well with iOS 8, by both developer report and my own experience. Even full price it's amazingly low-cost for an AAC app, with a lot of great features.

There's a user manual easily accessible, which is a key for me on an AAC app. They're all so different it's necessary to read about the individual features on each one. One key note about Use2Talk: there is no pre-recorded sound to go with the many included images. This means the app will need to be set up before the user can implement the app.

U2THowever, recording is very easy, and the ability to customize pictures and layouts is excellent and pretty easy to understand. This kind of app is great for me in therapy--I like to have visual support for activities, and being able to quickly add sound makes it useful for even more students.

Read more about it on the app store description below, and check out the manual before buying on the Use2Talk website!

Get started with AAC and visual scheduling with Use2Talk and support Smart Apps For Kids, just by using our download button! Use2Talk is for iPad only and requires iOS 7.0 to use. (reduced from $14.99 to $1.99):
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From iTunes:
Talk3Use2talk is an easy to program and easy to use to use augmentative and alternative communication application for use on the iPad. Using icons, images, videos or photographs it provides nonverbal and low verbal users an opportunity to communicate.

Use2talk comes with a fully customizable basic library organized in several commonly used categories, all you need to do is record the audible clips for the items you need! Use2talk can be easily personalized for users with different ability levels, and – because you get the chance to create and modify all of the content’s properties – it can be used in any language.

Talk4The screen is divided into four areas allowing for multiple categories and items to be seen simultaneously. Using a slider, categories can be organized in three to five items per row, according to user ability.

The “favorites” bar at the top of the screen permits to select and combine images creating simple phrases, all without switching screens.

A visual schedule maker can store multiple schedules with up to six steps each. Once created, the schedule works just as a digital version of the visual schedules used in many classrooms. An easy to understand “help” is accessible inside the app.

Right after posting this, Heather will finally pack for ASHA, 4 hours before leaving!

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