Wednesday, November 12, 2014

TEACCH boxes: Great for kids, hard to set up?

If you're familiar with TEACCH Autism Program (developed at the University of North Carolina), you know that task boxes are great, but can be hard to set up at first. I know that I love the concept, and my training has shown me how effective it can be with many students. But getting it all set up... my time is always so short and my life always so unorganized, and it's harder than I'd like. This blog post gives me renewed energy to make it work, though.

The organization is amazing! I love the inspiration pictures of her set up, and all of the ideas pictured are FREE. I feel inspired to put some effort into setting up some task boxes for language-based activities for some of my functional language goals.

Read the post HERE, and please share if you have any other ideas for getting TEACCH up and running!

~Heather H

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