Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Track airborne allergies and symptoms with ZYRTEC® ALLERGYCAST™ -- US only

The other day when I was milling around at the school waiting for my kids to come outside, I overheard a parent and teacher talking. The little boy has pretty severe asthma and seasonal allergies are one of his major triggers. The teacher was concerned because when the class went outside, he started wheezing. For certain kids with special needs, breathing issues can be a concern and airborne allergies can cause issues. I just stumbled upon the ZYRTEC® ALLERGYCAST™ app which parents and caregivers may find helpful in tracking and forecasting airborne allergies.

Sorry, the forecasting portion is for the US only.

If you would like to download ZYRTEC® ALLERGYCAST™ (Free, iPhone/iPad x2) please show your support for Smart Apps by using our link below:

Zyrtec is an allergy medication and the app does link to drugstore.com for anyone looking to purchase Zyrtec.

From iTunes

Do you start your day by checking the pollen index and weather forecast? Now you can find them both in one place. The ALLERGYCAST® with SYMPTOM TRACKER also helps you log and track your pollen symptoms and awards you with charms along the way.

Here's how ALLERGYCAST® with SYMPTOM TRACKER can help you better understand your allergy symptoms:

• Get pollen and extended weather forecasts together, to help plan your day.
• Log symptoms and track how you're feeling.
• Unlock charms as you log and reach milestones.
• Notifications alert you when pollen is high in your area.
• See which pollens are high, and get tips to deal with them.
• Set your favorite places or use your location for fast forecasts.
• Find ZYRTEC® products near you quickly and easily with the product locator.


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