Sunday, December 7, 2014

30+ Great ideas to link read aloud books to educational activities!

I recently found this great post on Pinterest linking read aloud books and some corresponding learning activities. Check out a similar post on Smart Apps For Kids, linking books, crafts and apps. So this list made me excited for some new activities. The lessons were targeted for first graders, but the books are appropriate as read alounds for both students older and younger, and most of the activities I saw were easily adaptable.

The activities were also adaptable for a variety of ability levels within one grade. One of my favorite books on the list is I Ain't Gonna Paint No More, and the activity involves a rhyming words matching game. There's a corresponding Show What You Know activity providing one word of the rhyming pair and a blank for the second. This worksheet provides good scaffolding for some students and teachers could provide even more cues by filling in the first two letters of the rhyming word, or even by filling in the rime and leaving a blank for the first part of the word.

Check out this great list HERE, and if you have your own favorite read aloud with activities, please share in the comments. We love to hear what our amazing readers are doing!


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