Saturday, December 6, 2014

Digital Media Tips for Parents of Socially Challenged Kids

Are you concerned about the amount of time your child spends on digital media? Most parents these days have similar concerns and if you have a child with poor social skills it can be even more worrisome. The Common Sense Media website is an excellent resource for parents and educators who are navigating the digital world with young children. I recently read a blog post by Kelly Priest with tips and suggestions for parenting in the digital age. I also love the Family Media Agreements. These are great tools to begin an open dialogue with your child about the appropriate use of technology and media. They have three different options depending upon the age of your child.

Here are two tips from the article.  Read the entire post here.

- Involve yourself in your children's digital lives. Kids and teens are developing an understanding of the way the social world works while they're socially interacting -- sort of building the airplane while flying it. Your active guidance in their digital lives is vital to their social development. 

-Model consistent social behavior in relation to digital media. If you want to encourage social engagement at family dinners, for example, communicate clearly about the times and events you expect to be uninterrupted by technology. Then stick with it to model full, face-to-face, non-digital engagement yourself.

Sarah may need to have her husband sign a media agreement because he is obsessed with the new TV they purchased on Black Friday.

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