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Does Santa visit the little animals? You bet he does in Xmas Night — Santa's amazing presents for the animals! (and it's currently FREE!)

Xmas nightHave you ever thought about what Santa brings the animals for Christmas? In Xmas Night — Santa's amazing presents for the animals! we get to find out. Santa’s long night of delivering presents ends with a final delivery to all of the animals that live in the old tree. Don’t you wonder what they got?
This delightful app is currently free! Download it now and make it a part of your Christmas festivities.

If you’d like to download Xmas Night — Santa's amazing presents for the animals! from OTATAA (iPad, currently FREE, normally $1.99), please use the handy link below so they’ll know who sent you.

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Xmas night 1It’s not just boys and girls who get presents from Santa on Christmas morning. All of the animals that live in the old tree have received wonderful, magical gifts from Santa Claus. We can help the animals open the gifts and play with them.

Will it be all the colors of the rainbow to paint a wondrous jungle scene? Or a fabulous chemistry set to perform awesome experiments? Could it be a marvelous book with stories to spur on little imaginations? And who would ever expect an indoor swimming pool in a tree? Santa definitely didn’t forget the delightful little animals.

After all of the presents are opened and played with, join all of the animals together to celebrate Chrismas at their holiday party.

Share this charming Christmas app with your own little ones as they prepare for their own visit from the jolly one himself.

Xmas night 2From iTunes:
Have you ever wondered how the animals celebrate Christmas? Most important of all, what presents do they get? Find out in this fully animated, interactive story, and be there when five animal families finally get to open their gifts!

Finally! Christmas is here again!

And what luck! At the last minute, Santa has remembered to bring the animals in the old tree their presents. Now they can hardly wait to find out what’s under all that colorful paper.

Visit five different families in their cozy hollows in the tree and help them unpack the amazing presents Santa has thought up for them.

Xmas night 3Find out how much fun you can have playing together, and be surprised at what Christmas night has in store for you and the animals.

In this lovingly illustrated app, you decide. Which of the friendly forest families will you visit and which present will be unwrapped first?

Discover tons of wonderful animations while you join in the fun with owls, squirrels, rabbits, mice and raccoons, and marvel at their wonderful new toys.

If you would like to visit the animals by yourself, even if you can’t read yet, our friendly storyteller will guide you through the app.

But everybody knows it’s more fun if your friends and parents join in. The animals are always delighted when lots of visitors drop in at Christmas.

Xmas night 4What you can look forward to:

- a fully animated, interactive story for the whole family and anyone who loves presents!
- explore a beautifully illustrated Christmas winter wonderland
- unpack the craziest gifts
- 19 cute animal friends are waiting to surprise you and make you smile
- over 20 minutes of high-quality full-screen animation
- more than thirty interactive elements to click on and laugh along with
- funny animal voices and a laid-back, original Christmas soundtrack
- with a story and a narrator to guide them, younger children will love it, too
- autoplay mode: just sit back and watch! 

- no in-app purchases!
- a child-safety feature prevents website visits from inside the app

- recorded in 8 different languages: English, Spanish, German, Swiss German, Italian, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian

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