Saturday, December 13, 2014

Family Fun: Christmas Scavenger Hunts

We only have five days of school left before a glorious two week break for the holidays. I'm basically counting down the minutes, but for many of us this means a lot of family togetherness with excitable, sugar seeking kids. Children with special needs often struggle with the changes in routine that come with the holiday season. I found this great list of Christmas Scavenger Hunts complied by Jamie at Hands On As We Grow. These scavenger hunts are a perfect way for families to enjoy some fun together and they also provide much needed structure for kids who crave it. Some are simple things you can set up in your own home using bows or candy canes and others are more elaborate printables you can take around your community or on a drive around town to see Christmas lights. There are a wide range of ideas that can adapted to children of all ages and skill levels. Make some holiday memories with your family today!

As a therapist, I was reading each scavenger hunt idea and listing off all the speech and language skills that could be targeted! Here are just a few examples of the skills you could target using scavenger hunts.

- Following and giving directions
- Sequencing
- Re-telling stories
- Vocabulary development
- Working together with peers
- Reading and decoding
- Articulation/Phonological Skills
- Phonemic Awareness
- Colors/shapes/numbers/letters
- Basic opposite concepts
- Initiation of language
- Asking/Answering Wh-questions
- Rhyming
- Organizational skills
- Figurative Language/Riddles
- Turn-Taking
- Having Fun!

Use the iPad to take pictures during your scavenger hunt adventures and relive the fun over and over. Tell us about your favorite Holiday Scavenger Hunt in the comments below.

Sarah loves Christmas PJs and is pretty happy her teenagers are still willing to wear them for a holiday card photo.

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