Saturday, December 27, 2014

Free App Alert! Full version of Functional Communication System for AAC is FREE! Save $20!

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 8.09.42 PMThe Functional Communication System is developed by noted special needs company The Conover Company. They've also developed four of my favorite video modeling apps (they're also free!), and the concept behind this app is a great one. There is an actualy photo and a video for every single included vocabulary word in this app--and there are 500 FREE core vocabulary words. It's also completely customizable, allowing the user to change the video, audio or image for each vocabulary word.This is a limited time only sale, so don't wait!

There are still in-app purchases for additional vocabulary, and it requires purchasing a voice in order to use some of the features of the app. But those in-app purchases are $1.99, and that's still a great deal! Definitely worth a download to check it out!

To see how this app works, simply use our download button to install it for FREE on your iPad. For a limited time, this app is FREE (regular price is $19.99). It's available for iPad only:
App store button

App-Warning-noADS-IAP-ELIn-app purchases for additional vocabulary and for a voice, giving the ability to add new custom words. Each in-app purchase is $1.99.
From iTunes:
FcsThe Functional Communication System is a revolutionary new approach to communication on the iPad. Instead of giving you a pre-made package that you have to learn how to use, the Functional Communication System is designed to be easy to customize, allowing you to truly create an application that reflects the user's world.

The Functional Communication System app does not use symbols, but rather real images (and videos) from our Functional Skills System software.

Fcs2The video functionality allows you use the Functional Communication System app as more than just a communication tool. The built-in videos also make it a great literacy & learning tool, and you can shoot your own videos right in the application.

Don't like our pictures (or videos)? Go ahead and change them - it's easy! All video, image, and audio files can be changed in the application. If you don't like the way things are laid out in the app, you can easily move things around both on-screen and in between categories.

-Includes 500 core vocabulary words to get you started
-Built-in security settings to lock the application and prevent accidental edits and deletion
-Fully customizable (use your own photos, videos and audio 
-Customizable color schemes
-Easily expandable (ties back into our Functional Skills System library via in-app purchase)
-Keyboard for custom text entry (requires $1.99 in-app purchase)

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