Monday, December 15, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Stick Around is FREE for a limited time! Save $3

Stick Around is actually an app that I purchased for full price this past summer. So I was really excited when I realized it had gone free. It's the first time ever that it's gone free, and it's a great app to use to implement learning concepts. It provides a hands-on aspect for kids who benefit from a more kinesthetic method. Whatever the reason, it's a great app, and it's a lot of fun to create some of these options.

Stick Around is a fun app to use, too, so it's fun even for the kids who are spending the time to create a project.

To start downloading Stick Around, (Free, regular price $2.99) please support Smart Apps For Kids and use our download button:

From iTunes:

Play, design, and share sorting and labeling puzzles! Stick Around comes with an assortment of puzzles, including ordering decimals and classifying rocks. It's the player's job to drag the stickers from the tray to their correct spots on the background before time runs out.

The best feature of Stick Around is that you can create your very own puzzles in just 3 steps:

1. Use drawing tools and/or import photos to make a background.
2. Add stickers with text, images, and/or drawings.
3. Indicate where stickers belong by making an answer key.

Teachers can make puzzles for their students to practice content. Students can program their own study aids. Parents can design customized puzzles for their children. 

There are loads of possible uses for Stick Around for any age level, from toddler to college!

Ideas for puzzles include:

- place locations on a map
- tag parts of the body
- place items where they belong on a chart
- complete a graphic organizer 
- annotate the water cycle
- label people in a photo
- diagram a sentence
- associate powers with the branches of government
- sequence events on a timeline
- associate words and definitions
- label the parts of a plant 
- put words in alphabetical order
- fill in a Venn diagram
- match photos of animals to their habitats 

Stick Around is designed by educators and is packed with powerful features:

- copy from and export puzzles to Dropbox, GDrive, WebDAV & email 
- record audio instructions for your puzzles 
- access a suite of drawing tools 
- set an answer key for your puzzles 
- import screencasts made with Explain Everything™ and use them as instructions for your puzzles (puzzles can be exported to Explain Everything™ and recorded/annotated on) 
- import projects made with Explain Everything™ and turn them into puzzles
- play with or without a timer 
- attach audio, additional text, and web addresses to stickers 
- save a screenshot of a completed puzzle with imprinted time and attempts 
- import and trim images from your Photo Library, Dropbox, GDrive and WebDAV 

- new features and improvements in upcoming updates 

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