Monday, December 29, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Word Wise Quiz FREE for a limited time!

If you've looked for good vocabulary apps on the App Store, you know that there aren't that many. At least, not as many as there are memory games or farm animal apps. But I do have a few favorite apps for vocabulary, and one of them has just gone FREE! Word Wise QUIZ! is quirky, silly fun vocabulary learning. It's fun for upper elementary aged students and is a great way to support or build vocabulary.
To meet the crazy clue, find out how they use cool quotes and learn new vocabulary, download Word Wise QUIZ! now while it's still FREE! This app works on iPhone and iPad, and it's currently free, reduced from $.99.


From iTunes:

Are you into Words? Quotes? Brainy Challenges & all things Awesome? GREAT! Waltz into our world of words!

Play a quiz hosted by this ridiculous crew! A few things you should probably know about these characters before diving in:

1) They love to test vocabulary skills.
2) They like using awesome quotes in their games.
3) They're allergic to soy. This may or may not be relevant…it is what it is.

I can't thank you enough for giving these quirky hipsters (they claim not to be hipsters, but come on…) a chance! Ralph, Maximilian, Bixby, Buckle Bailey & Orson each have a special Word Wise QUIZ ready for you to play!

Stuck on a questions? Ask Arty! This guy will get you out of any word related jam!

Have fun! Tell every person you've ever met about how much fun you're having with the Word Wise QUIZ! Then meet new people...tell them too! 

Want to go the extra mile for no particular reason? Reviews are the BEST! Reading what you think is one of the coolest parts of this for me! A HUGE THANK YOU for doing this…it really does mean a lot!

I hope you like words. This game is A LOT more exciting if you do!

Thanks, everyone & have FUN!

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