Thursday, December 4, 2014

Great gift lists for special needs!

I received an email about great gifts for kids with special needs, but lost the link before I retained any information. However, a quick search netted me many more great ideas. Teachers, therapists and parents will likely all find something fun from these lists.  And share your own: Do you have favorite gifts to recommend? If you have a blog post about gifts for special needs, please share it and we'll add the link!

I have the Pig Popper on this first list, and it's definitely a hit in my therapy room. I also highly recommend the game Spot It!, and Pop Toobs have now been added to my therapy wish list.

Holiday Gifts And Toys For Kids With Special Needs: 2014 has a whole list as recommended by bloggers, most who have children with special needs. As a bonus, check out some new blogs for the reading list.

Holiday Gift Guide by Bloggers of Children with Special Needs 

This is a great Pinterest board full of ideas! I found so many great ideas, and the best part is that I can easily pin the ideas to my own Pinterest boards. I think my speech office needs an Abilitations Integrations SensaRocker.

Gift Ideas for Kids with Special Needs

And I finally did find the original post I got in my email today! Check out the suggestions from the Special Needs Resources blog!
My Top Ten Favorite Toys for 2014

Heather H is asking for more time for Christmas. Let her know if you have any to sell.

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