Monday, December 22, 2014

Great Post! 5 Things to Do With Your Kids During Winter Break for Sensory and Fine Motor Skills

I was looking for some great ideas for Winter Break when I found this post by Mama OT. If your child has sensory needs, taking a week or two off might not happen--sensory needs don't always go away, just because there's no school. 

And there might even be more challenges than normal, since so much is different and potentially overwhelming. That makes this list indispensable for any kids working on fine motor and sensory skills. Check out her post for all the information!From MamaOT:

1. Encourage as much independence and participation as possible/reasonable with self-help tasks (such as self-feeding, dressing, toileting) on a consistent basis.
  • Utilize a backward chaining approach if needed in order to encourage participation with tasks such as buttoning, zipping, and putting on socks, shoes, jackets, etc. This means that, at first, the adult will perform the entire task except for the very last step. Your child can then perform the last step in order to complete it. Once they have mastered that, do the same thing but have them perform the last two steps themselves. Once they have mastered that, then have them perform the last three steps themselves and so on until, over time, they are able to complete the entire task themselves!
To read the whole post, be sure to visit the blog. There are four more points and a FREE printable version, too!


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