Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Great tips to help kids that are frustrated while learning to read

I have two very different kids. Both do well academically, however, I had my doubts about my daughter when she was first learning to read. We were both frustrated and occasionally in tears after nonproductive reading sessions. We somehow made it through and I was grateful my son picked up reading like a natural. When I came across this article from What Do We Do All Day I had flashbacks and really wish I had read this when I was in the midst of teaching a frustrated reader.

I have picked up a few reading tips and tricks along the way, but Erica over at What Do We Do All Day has fabulous ideas and resources to help any frustrated parent and child. She had me hooked from the first paragraph:

I am, in fact, not enjoying teaching my almost 6 year old how to read. Oh, that is a horrible thing to admit. But I’m just being honest!! A large part of the problem is that he does not like to do things that aren’t easy. Even though I know I have given him a good foundation for literacy by including rhyming games, phonetic awareness, and even poetry into our daily lives, I struggle with my own impatience. I have to work very hard to keep a smile on my face.
Continue reading 10 ALTERNATIVES TO FORCING YOUR KIDS TO LEARN TO READ. She has other really great articles, so make sure to explore the whole blog! Seriously, she has fabulous lists of book suggestions and more at What Do We Do All Day.

Rachel H's kids' favorite thing is to read Piggie and Gerald books by Mo Willams and assigning each kid a different character to read aloud.

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