Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Make that toy a little more accessible with Hasbro's ToyBox Tools!

In November, Hasbro Toys launched ToyBox Tools, a site dedicated to helping toys be more accessible for all kids. In cooperation with The Autism Project, Hasbro has designed a website with correlated materials like play mats and first-then cards. Even better, there are toy guides for each toy, with a video to show it in play at different levels, and picture guides. This site is an amazing resource--check it out if you purchased your kids any Hasbro toys for the holidays!
The playbook reads like a book I would use in speech-language therapy. It explains how the toy works in clear language. The playbooks are even tiered to the levels: Level 1 (Basic Play) shows the step-by-step process of how to play, while Level 3 (Social Play) shows how to play with the toy with others. I love this tiered approach. 

There are currently playbooks for eight different Hasbro toys, but I really hope we see more of these soon! Check out this great site for new toys this Christmas, and to plan for toys that you might want to buy in the future, based on the quality resources available. 

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