Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ouchy, Itchy, Scratchy, Ewey! – Ideas for Kids with High Sensitivity to Clothing

Growing up, my brother HATED tags in his clothes. I remember my mom would have to cut out the tags before he would even look at a new shirt. He would try it on, and if a little bit of the tag was left, off the shirt came, and my mom went back to work. As a kid, I thought he was weird (he was my brother so he was always weird), but as an OT now, I see that he had a tactile sensitivity to those tags and that they probably caused so much discomfort that he couldn't concentrate. Now they have tagless tees, undies and seamless socks!

With the holiday season in full swing, kids may receive clothing as gifts. Heidi, from Pediastaff, wrote a blog post this week titled "Ouchy, Itchy, Scratchy, Ewey! – Ideas for Kids with High Sensitivity to Clothing," giving great ideas for kids who have clothing sensitivities!

Heidi describes the following ideas:
  • Use fabric softener to make clothes extra soft
  • Use hand me downs - these clothes are well used and typically softer than brand new clothes
  • Free from tags and seams - clothes come without tags and seams now, invest in some for your child with sensitivities
  • Go undercover - have your child wear a soft, tagless compression shirt underneath bothersome clothing (i.e. if your child wears a uniform to school)
  • Empower them - bring your child with you clothes shopping and have them feel the fabric and chose their own clothing
  • A little TLC - make sure your child knows that you understand that they don't like the feeling of some clothing and are working to help them out!
To read more about Heidi's suggestions and a link to a seamless clothing company, read the blog post here.


Shelly wishes she invented tagless tees!

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