Friday, December 26, 2014

Top 20 Posts of 2014!

We had a great 2014 here at Smart Apps For Special Needs! We had sales, giveaways, reviews, lists and so much more. So to sum up the year, I went through our numbers to see which posts the most people were interested in reading. Here are the top 20 posts of 2014, excluding any time-sensitive sales.

1. The Curse of w-sitting invited lots of reader comments. Occupational therapist Shelly shared why kids sit that way, and why most of them shouldn't.

2. Rachel made this great list of the Top 10 Free apps to help children learn emotions, and it was a hit.

3. Free apps for Earth Day was also a popular post from Rachel, featuring games, hands-on lessons, stories and more.

4. Top Ten lists are always popular, and Rachel's Top Ten apps for taking notes in class is one to add to the list!

5. Sarah made my life a little easier with 10 Apps to make a busy SLP's life a little easier.

6. The Top 10 Basic Concept Apps post from Sarah is a must-see for that early vocabulary.

7. 10 Apps for Teaching Emotions and Calming Skills wasn't posted by Sarah until September, and it's already on the Top 10 list.

8. Sarah's post on the Top 10 Free or Inexpensive Apps for Articulation Therapy should also be linked on the 10 Apps to make a busy SLPs life a little easier. These apps really do help!

9. Classify It is the only single app (not part of a Top 10 list) to sneak onto this list, and I still think it's an amazing app. It's definitely a must-have app.

10. This list of the Top 12 FREE apps for ASD kids first appeared on Smart Apps For Kids, and it was equally popular on our site.

11. If you still don't have Frozen Free Fall, you're really missing out. Amanda shared about this free app in January.

12. The Smart Apps for Special Needs and Smart Apps For Kids staff collaborated to make this Top 10 Apps for Handwriting list.

13. My post of the Free Life Skills video modeling apps was also very popular. These apps are all free, and very useful.

14. Sarah shared Phonics Awareness, First Grade with us in February. This app is still free! It aligns with the Common Core State Standards, too.

15. Amanda found Hungry Hungry Hippos and shared it with us in January, too. This is a fun free game app for kids--no marbles flying!

16. Another collaboration post between Smart Apps For Kids and Smart Apps for Special Needs, the Top 50 FREE apps for kids and adults is a great post.

17. Rachel updated a list from Cas for Math apps for teens working at a lower level. This list is a must-have for educators and parents.

18. I love this list of the Top 10 apps for sea lovers from Rachel. I don't have a child obsessed with sea animals, but I sure love them!

19. Shelly just posted this tip in November, and it's already one of our most popular posts. Limit app usage with this one easy tip!

20. Sarah shared about this free app for video modeling. When FREE and video modeling are in the same description, it's always worth checking out.

Honorable Mention:
This post was really from 2013, so I didn't include it on the list. But the Top Recommendations for Limiting iPad Time post was in actuality our most popular post of the year! This topic is obviously one of importance! If you haven't seen the list, be sure to check out the recommendations.


Heather H sometimes writes lists while she is falling asleep. 

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