Monday, December 1, 2014

Great free app for older students! Learn vocabulary with visual support with this app, limited time!

Power of Words! SAT® and Critical Reading Vocabulary is a very smart app with amazing strategies for learning vocabulary. This is a must-have for high school students who will take the SAT, especially those who benefit from visual strategies. I love the visual strategies in this app. Pictures help the user to remember new words. There are also interactive games like dragging the definition to the right word.

Power of Words! SAT® and Critical Reading Vocabulary 
iPad only - $2.99 to FREE

If you have to take the SAT before before March 2016, this app is for you. No flashcards. No drills. Just vocabulary and the same test-taking tips private tutors provide. 

Power of Words! for SAT® and Critical Reading is the best way to ace SAT® vocabulary.  This app was designed by a linguistics Ph.D. and Stanford, Columbia and UCLA graduates with help from teachers and students. It lets you learn and retain words that frequently appear on the SAT. Best of all, it helps you make a more educated guess whenever you encounter an unexpected word on the exam. 

Along with vocabulary, the app contains useful Latin and Greek roots, the basis for thousands of vocabulary words. You see your word appear in interesting, curated web content – there are no made-up examples. To help you make even more connections, photos and dictionary entries are just a tap away. 

Vocabulary building is one of the best ways to boost your score now, and enrich your educational experience later. Power of Words! SAT® and Critical Reading Vocabulary helps your vocabulary grow, your test scores soar, and your essays become better than ever!

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