Friday, December 5, 2014

Using a Battery Interruptor to Support Students in an Inclusive Classroom

I work with a student with multiple disabilities who is integrated into a regular education kindergarten classroom. It is an amazing placement for him, and all of the other students love him. One peer a week gets to be his buddy, riding the elevator with him and making sure he has everything he needs. This kindergarten classroom is one of my favorite classes, especially because they love my student for who he is, and anxiously await the week they get to be his buddy.
I currently work with this student on iPad access, and functional hand use. Both of these skills allow him access to the classroom and the curriculum, but not they do not necessarily encourage engagement with his peers.

As I mentioned in another post, I recently attended the Assistive Technology Conference of New England, and came away with a great idea to encourage peer engagement! A battery interrupter plus a battery operated game! This game happened to be the one demonstrated, but is also very appropriate for the kindergarten classroom.

Using Let's Go Fishing, an Enabling Devices Battery Interrupter and a common Jelly Bean Switch (which he uses with a Bluetooth connector with his iPad) , this student will have control over the activation of the game. Pressing the switch turns on the rotating device of the fishing game, just as the "On" switch would without the interrupter. Now he can play with his peers and encourage social engagement!

I just got my battery interrupter in the mail! Can't wait to try this out in this kindergarten classroom! What inclusive technology have you used? Share a success story with us!


Shelly loves being a nerdy OT and getting excited about things like a battery interrupter!

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