Tuesday, December 2, 2014

You're probably a pediatric speech-language pathologist if...

This post is making the rounds on all of my speech-language pathology Facebook groups, probably because it's so true! I don't work with early intervention, but most of these are still true in early elementary school therapy, too. I also just watched a video that fit #22 exactly.

Check out the list! Which one is most accurate for you?

. At least one child spits in your face on a daily basis. You rejoice when it doesn’t go directly into your eye.

You Are Probably a (Pediatric) Speech-Language Pathologist
Lateral /sh/, why are you ruining my life!?

2. You have become overly critical of children’s books.

You Are Probably a (Pediatric) Speech-Language Pathologist
Interesting word choice, Dr. Seuss.
To see the rest of the list, head on over to Buzzfeed. Be sure to report back!

You Are Probably a (Pediatric) Speech-Language Pathologist…if the following apply :)

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