Sunday, January 11, 2015

10 Must-have documents for parents of children with special needs

One of our Smart Apps For Kids staff members recently shared this post. It's a list of ten documents that parents should have together in a binder for their children with special needs. I shared a post in September about creating a medical and/or education binder for your child. This list of documents is the perfect companion to that post. Do you have a binder set up? If not, make it a New Year's Resolution!
From the post:

Here are 10 must-have document to keep in your binder: 
1. Important legal papers for any children with special needs (for example, birth certificates, Social Security cards, and health-insurance cards). 
 2. The Letter of Intent, which parents should update at least once per year. The Letter of Intent is a nonbinding document that passes vital information about a person with a disability to future caregivers.  It can include such things as your child’s sleeping preferences, eating habits, and many other important aspects of your child’s daily routine. 
While these items may be second nature to you, it is important not to take them for granted.  After all, in many cases, the future caregivers assume their role in caring for your child without having actually lived a day in your shoes.

Read the rest of the list on the Friendship Circle blog:
10 Must-have documents for parents of children with special needs

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