Thursday, January 8, 2015

Apple's devices come with many assistive features. Do you utilize them?

I have played around with many of the assistive features found on the iPad and even my Macbook. However, looking over this list from Apple, I realized there are some that I missed. I listed many accessibility options available for visual impairment a little while back, but wanted to share this list as well. With Assistive Touch, Dictation, and other features, there are many ways to help customize an Apple device to best support an individual.

One I had never tried is Speak Selection. Apple describes this feature as:
Hearing a word as it’s being read can help with comprehension for a wide range of learners. Speak Selection can read a student’s email, iMessages, web pages, and ebooks out loud. Double-tap to highlight text in any application, tap Speak, and the device reads the selected text. Students can have words highlighted as they’re being read so they can follow along. And the voice’s dialect and speaking rate can be adjusted to suit students’ needs.

Read Apples full list of assistive features.

What features do you find most beneficial? What have you tried that hasn't helped?

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